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COAS Software Systems, dedicated software craftsmanship since 1987.

Why COAS Software Systems?

Expertise - in product design, manufacturing and logistics

We have in-depth knowledge of Food, Pet food, Snacks, Home & Personal care. Calculating the taste of food is very different from printing pallet labels or shipping goods out of your factory. We know that and our experience touches a broad range of industries.

Niches - solutions for FMCG and entrepreneurs

We design, develop and implement these solutions and we make sure they remain up-to-date and keep running after we've delivered them. We do this for small and medium sized enterprises and well-known multinationals all over the world.

Reliable - we always deliver

We have built our partnerships over the last 25 years and some of our customers joined us on that journey. Over these years we have switched technology a number of times and migrated information systems along the way, from DOS to Windows and from Windows to Web. This to keep your investments reliably running for a long time.

Support - we are stayers

To keep these solutions running we offer different types of support around the clock as long as your applications are operational. Besides support on our own solution we offer these services on your own tailor made software as well.

Career - we take pride in what we do

We are a growing company and constantly looking for talented people who like to design and build complex business critical software with us.

It is not about the code


It is not about the code.

It is about the people!

Start with why

Building software requires craftsmanship. Throughout the years we’ve grown to a good and solid team of professionals who love to build software. We are not interested in just writing code, we strongly belief we first have to know why the code needs to be written. Once we know why, we think we are in a better position to offer the best possible solution for our customers problem. When we understand the business you are working in, we can really add additional value, designing a system that fits your company today and tomorrow and for a long time in the future!

User friendly

Although we’re not graphical designers, all our people are trained and have a good understanding of User eXperience design. This ensures that the systems we develop will be easy to work with and truly user-friendly.

After all, we are the people that understand your business is not about code.

Agile process

We have a unique way of working with an adaptable process, where we can combine fixed price or fixed date deliverables with an agile way of working .

Robust Development

Our business is Software Development. We build systems to fill the niches between standard software system modules that are just too specific for commercial of-the-shelves software. We build workflows and processes into our software for you to have a competitive advantage. We build interfaces between your running systems to share and synchronise data.

Full Support

After delivering your system we stay on board. We work with you towards the point that the system is fully integrated and operational. For business critical systems in production we can offer various service levels (SLA). We are also happy to support in-house developed applications for which maintenance and support has been abandoned by the original developers.

Proven Technology

We use mainstream tested and reliable technologies like Java and Microsoft .Net (C#) for web-applications with the latest frameworks. For time critical or real-time Windows applications we use Delphi or Microsoft .Net. In most cases our systems are backed with a relational database like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Industry experience


A lot of experience in FMCG product design, manufacturing support and logistics.

Strong in foods fast moving consumer goods!

Track record

We have a track record in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and especially in the foods industry; including pet food and snack food. The experience we have covers a broad range of disciplines. We have built integrated systems for Sales planning, Research and Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Logistics and Manufacturing. Next to this we build systems for Quality Assurance, Product Design and systems to measure impact on the Environment.

Entrepreneurial and multinational

We apply a lot of our solutions in other areas. We have successfully worked in hospitality, retail, rental and health care.

Acting local and worldwide

We do this for small and medium enterprises and multinationals. Our software runs around the globe and we visited most continents for training, installation and migration. We also speak Dutch.

Simple and generic

Sometimes our systems solve simple problems in storing and retrieving information. Our challenge then is to design a system perfectly fitted for today’s data but also able to accept information that will be stored in the future.

Complex and challenging

In other cases it gets more complicated. Our systems can help you to optimise a mayonaise in terms of flavour, taste profile and costs or show the impact of a change in a factory packaging planning.

But always business critical

In all cases our systems are key in the important day to day business.

We integrate our solutions in the landscape of existing systems. Sometimes this is an ERP like SAP but it can also be factory hardware like palletisation lines, process computers, labelling or scanning systems and even 3rd party systems in the cloud.

COAS that's us!


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