We apply robust & flexible processes

How we work

We do not have a marketing and sales department. Therefore we do not hop from one great client to the next but opt for long lasting relationships. This increases trust, the speed of acting together and leads to higher efficiency. We use a simple single billing rate for all our customers. We removed the complexity of different rates for different roles and tasks. We have also our own agile development method that can be adapted to each customer and apply the processes that make sense for the project.

Fixed price or time & materials

The option on how to manage a project depends on trust and who is taking the risk. We are happy to take the risk and offer a large part of the development upfront for a fixed price. In case flexibility in the deliverables is required, we can work in an agile manner on time & materials. However even for our fixed price projects we have agility build in and do the things that make sense for you.

We do generic software

Building flashy websites and graphics design is a different business from building flexible and generic systems. We think you can’t be good at both. We like to understand your business and design the systems around it that interface with your off-the-shelf software and other processes.

The COAS way

All our people have a background in programming therefore we won’t sell you something that is not feasible. We think it’s important to transfer information as accurate as possible by removing the layers. For this reason you are not talking to a sales person but you will have direct access to the people doing the work. This makes our development process robust and we are always able to deliver!