Dedicated entrepreneurial application niches

Entrepreneurial challenges

We use our skills and the experience we aquired in the FMCG industry to create innovative solutions in other markets and solve planning problems, put knowledge into systems or roll out integrated solutions to automate a complete company or department. We have a proven track record with this type of applications and are able to keep these systems running for decades in a changing environment.

Examples in various markets

  • Time attendance, time registration, project, cost and subsidy administration for large groups of people (1000+).
  • Equipment rental system integrated with financial administration. The system includes functionality for inventory tracking, service and equipment maintenance and a customer portal to submit and review contracts, invoices and service calls.
  • An online platform for employers and employees to manage all mobility policies, including reimbursements, option to combine different types of travel and the use of financial incentives to stimulate other travel behaviour. The systems interfaces with on board units and third party systems to register trips and costs.


Advantages when compared to standard software is that our solutions have:

  1. Ease of use: tailor made to your specific company processes
  2. Long lasting: can be maintained and supported for years where as customisations to standard software have a much shorter lifespan with version updates of the underlying software
  3. Less cost: have almost no license cost, are independent of user volumes and much cheaper in the long term