Full support

We have a no-nonsense mentality. We won’t walk away after we’ve delivered your software. After delivering your system we offer a period in which issues are solved free-of-charge until the system is into production. When the described time frame is over, we offer different types of support depending on the criticality of your business.

Knowledge support

To protect your investment, we make sure to have people available that know your system. We also make sure that a development environment is standby for maintenance and support and have an up to date repository with the code.

Office hours support

In addition to knowledge support, we offer Office hours support. This offers a guaranteed response time of 4 hours during office hours and is intended for business critical systems. Problem analysis and corrective maintenance are included within the fee. Although we can’t guarantee incidents are resolved within 4 hours, in most cases we’re able to get the system up and running quickly so you can continue with your work or production.

24×6/7 support

In addition to Office hours support we offer 24×6/7 support. This type of support is primarily intended for business critical applications which run worldwide or around the clock in a factory environment. Response time is again 4 hours and during out of office hours a help desk is available for support with critical incidents. These types of support are offered fixed price and are based on the investments made in the system we support. Support contracts are also backed up with a call-registration system and help desk for easy access. If required we are able to offer special arrangements in combination with hosting or infrastructure.

Legacy Software

We have an option to ‘onboard’ legacy software that has been abandoned by the original developers. We do a thorough intake and document the functionality and make sure we can build it from source. This makes it possible for us to maintain it and we are able to add functionality or fix defects.