Support tools for production
Next to systems for real time planning we actively support operators and production managers during actual production time. Our solutions are used for performance monitoring, quality assurance and rework management.

Quality assurance

Quality and hygiene are extremely important in food factories. Our Total Quality System interfaces with the production line and manages the automatic or manual sampling of product measurements and controls if these are within limits.

Performance monitoring

Another aspect is to optimise the factory and use scarce resources as effectively as possible. Line Performance monitoring can help with this and starts with collecting data to derive the most common production key performance indicators (KPI) like operational efficiency, production counts, line speed, downtime, asset failures, etc. Statistics like these can drive optimal deployment of technical service and maintenance.

20 years ago we had to collect the required information directly out of PLCs and various sensors. Nowadays we integrate with systems like Wonderware and combine data from various other sources to show an integrated view of the factory.

Rework management

An office and factory solution to support isolation requests is fully integrated with real time planning and manual / automatic pallet labeling. Latest technologies like RFID to track and guard container usage for raw material cross contamination are used. All these systems are integrated to assure detailed tracking and tracing of all relevant material flows .