Manage the flow of goods

World class logistics

First of all we believe world class logistics is achieved by putting a lot of energy in making a feasible planning. Our systems help human experts in doing that. Secondly assuring a smooth execution is only possible by using real-time feedback to actively adjust the flow of incoming and outgoing goods; using related resources Just In Time. And thirdly we believe that systems to handle non conformities are as important as systems which handle normal flow. Proper hold & release management solutions dramatically limit the cost of non-quality.

Feasible Planning

Planning is an important aspect of logistics. We have extensive experience with short and long term planning. From long term production plans based on sales forecasts to plans for strategic stock, short term SKU sequencing for production lines, distribution plans, material call-offs and truck/transport planning to get the goods out of the factory. We show real-time information and integrate the processes seamless with your existing ERP system and factory hardware. We have also tackled problems from sales forecasting to warehouse delivery and used planning strategies like make to stock and make to order.

Inbound and Outbound logistics

We’ve automated the goods out area of numerous factories around the world. This includes tailor made cockpits to show what is happening on the shop floor and which docks are being used. But these factories also use our software in decision making processes to send and label individual pallets for their destination market or interact with a PLC to send pallets physically via another route through the factory. Other systems and hardware are either build by us or integrated, like forklifts with RF terminals, bar code labeling and scanning. Even production information is send back in realtime to planning and ERP systems. This makes it possible to do adjustments whenever needed and perform material calloffs just in time, all based on the most up to date accurate information. This results in more efficiency and a competitive advantage.

Hold and Release

Even before serial shipping container codes (SSCC) are generated we have the ability to follow product batches through the factory to be able to hold and release production before it has been packaged. We have implemented solutions to define flexible workflow processes to resolve problems with product on hold. Obviously these processes are integrated with other shop floor systems to stop products leaving the factory or prevent them to be shipped from a warehouse to the customer.