internship or graduate trainee

We are looking for talented and creative interns and graduate trainees that have successfully delivered complete software projects. You are interested in one of the following areas:

We are looking for

Students following HBO/WO education computer/information technology. who are interested in .Net (C#), Java, html, css, javascript and/or relational databases.


Software development

This is mostly suited to an intern who want to get more experience in software development. Most of the time we can offer web development internships where knowledge of java, c#, javascript, html and css are required. Two examples are:
  • a mobile app that uses augmented reality to show pallet information in a factory by means of the barcode.
  • a mobile app to declare expenses by using OCR on the invoice

Software tools

Are you interested in automating the software development process? We are looking for people who have knowledge and experience to add features to our build streets. We are looking for people to enhance our process in the direction of continuous deployment and testing.

Software estimation

Have you executed complete projects and found that it is difficult to estimate software projects. We are looking for someone who is able to

During the year we have a few places for trainees and interns. We expect you are doing an HBO/WO degree. Depending on your expertise we can define a complete project or you can gather experience in one of our running projects.

If you are interested, please send your resume with your experience and examples of what you have done to and we can meet to explore some opportunities.